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As a certified Self-Development Coach, my goal is to aim you towards your specific goals. Together, we’ll push boundaries in order to bridge the gap from mediocre to success in all aspects of life.

Qualified Life & Success Coach

Hi, my name is Lorna and I am a 47 year old Life & Success coach. My goal is to help you see the magic within yourself and teach you how to unlock your desires and reach for your goals within life and business as a whole.

My coaching is very intuative as I do not believe that one size always fits all, this has brought me to factor in several different coaching styles to optimize your experience so that you get the most from my courses.

Through a 1 on 1 aproach and course coaching I have helped lots of ladies create life on their terms. From upleveling in business to becoming the woman of their dreams we have seen so many success stories and I am excited to help fufill many more Ladies lives along the way.

Areas of expertise & knowledge & qualifications:

- Life Coaching

- Spiritual Life Coach

- Emotional Intelligence

- Hyponotherapy & Hypnosis

- Meditation


- Reiki

- Confidence Coaching

- Women Empowerment

- Law Of Attraction

Alongside mentorship from Tony Robbins & so many other experts in the self development field.



She's A Star 12x Lesson Course

Have you ever wondered how some people shine bright & have that star glow about them?

Let's stop wondering & make your next move into a brighter sparkly version of you... I am so excited to bring you home to your heart!

We are taking a step back in time in self discovery to make you back into the star youw were born to be!

This is a 12 class program over a month. Which you have access to for a year to re watch & get all the goodness.

You better be ready to shine brighter than ever before as this deep soul shaking course of love, health & growth carves out your inner star self.

12x classes to deepen your understanding of yourself & to reclaim your star status!

The courses 12 lessons ( as always themed around songs )

A Star Is Born - Who are you? take these deep soul lessons to undertstand yourself.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Let's see the darkness & work through it to see the light.

Rewrite The Stars - Who are you at your best? Find out with meditation & reclaiming  inner wisdom to release your greatness.

You Sparkle & Shine - All that glitters, feeling into motion.

Sky Full Of Stars - Star powers's recoding & self ownership.

Witch - Owning your magic seeing the truth working through the potions of life & calibrating deeper codes.

Firework - Learning to work through the storm & rise like  a firework. Let's ignite the spark within.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond - Focus & go feel through the polarity's of life to bring out the sparkle in you.

Rock Your Body - Moving & grooving with the power & changing state to rock your life everyday.

Warrior's Dance - Learn to dance through the storms of life & engage your inner diva.

Time To Shine - Time to live your dreams!  Let's plan & execute & follow your heart.

You're A Superstar - A celebration of you superstar! Be proud of investing in yourself, you are your biggest asset.


Course start date thursday 26th october!

Success Stories

"I haven't mentioned to anyone I was doing this course. I saw a friend today and she said there's something different about me, that I'm glowing and looking more confident like I did so many years ago."

"I feel lighter, stronger, free thanks to Lorna. I wish I had found her years ago and I'm very greatful."

"Highly reccomend Lorna Strange as a life coach. She is inspiring, motivating and authentic"

"I have my excitement for life back again and it's impacted everything! I've gained new clients and lost 1.5kg in the last week froom having more energy and pushing myself more."

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