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About The Course

Magnificent Woman 
Yes I’m talking to you!

If you’re on this page then you are already in the magic.  smile the good energy has hit you already, breathe in all the goodness.

I’m guessing the frequency I sent out has landed you here & I’m super grateful… you see we have magical work to do together.

Let me let you into a secret…  you were born to live your life in all your magnificence. The only problem is you were not told how… congratulations 
You’re right on track now to realise you were made for more & this journey of self discovery is where you discover who you truly are.

This is a beautiful journey of self acceptance there is no shame or punishment as we look into are roots & unravel our deepest desires we look at how we can  achieve a beautiful life in all areas!

No more trying to figure it out alone.
No more beating yourself up.
No more wishing, its action time now baby!

This is the year of having it all 
Living life to our fullest.
Together we get to create a life we Love 
Living our dreams to the fullest

It’s time to fully find your magnificence & harness that power

2024 is the date you get to lead in all areas 

22nd of February you get to experience it all…

8 Live modules +
Q & A Mastermind call 

This investment is a gift of love to yourself & the world… remember when you change yourself,  you change the world around you. Be proud.

Together we are more 
Much Love

Pricing Plans

  • Silver Package

    Standared course package. Going up to £444.00 when course starts!
    • Gold Package

      Up level investment. Going up to £888.00 when course starts!
      • Includes an extra 2 x hour long one to one class worth £222
      • Have access to any previous course worth £888 for a year
    • Platinum Pakcage

      Serious Up Level. Going up to £1776.00 when course starts!
      • 8 x one to one's worth £888
      • Another previous course for a year worth £444+
      • Another course worth £222
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