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Have you ever wondered how some people shine bright & have that star glow about them?

Let's stop wondering & make your next move into a brighter sparkly version of you... I am so excited to bring you home to your heart!

We are taking a step back in time in self discovery to make you back into the star youw were born to be!

This is a 12 class program over a month. Which you have access to for a year to re watch & get all the goodness.

You better be ready to shine brighter than ever before as this deep soul shaking course of love, health & growth carves out your inner star self.

12x classes to deepen your understanding of yourself & to reclaim your star status!

  • Star Package

    Standared course package. Going up to £444.00 when course starts!
    • Best Value

      Rock Star Package

      Up level investment. Going up to £888.00 when course starts!
      • Includes an extra 2 x hour long one to one class worth £222
      • Have access to any previous course worth £888 for a year
    • Super Star Package

      Serious Up Level. Going up to £1776.00 when course starts!
      • 8 x one to one's worth £888
      • Another course worth £222
      • Another previous course for a year worth £444+
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